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4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves a Leavers’ Hoodie

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Who doesn’t love a hoodie? Since its creation over a hundred years ago, the humble hoodie has become the ultimate comfort fashion staple. Whatever your style or taste, we all have one hoodie in our wardrobe that we reach for when we’re in need of something cosy, comfy and easy to wear. And there’s no hoodie that carries more significance than a leavers’ hoodie. A symbol of school spirit, this wearable memento of our all-important school years is a rite of passage for all school leavers.


As students across the country rev up their revision in preparation for the coming exams and prepare to leave the comfort of school to head out into the big, bad world, we take a look at the enduring appeal of leavers’ hoodies.  


  1. For the Tradition


Have you ever noticed how many trees, desks and bathroom doors have been tagged with the infamous “[insert name] woz ere”? It seems that there’s a universal impulse to write down our names and memorialise a time and place that was special in our lives — or at least just get a reaction. Somehow, in tagging our names, we feel as though that experience will be immortalised forever.


The same tradition is enacted throughout the schooling experience. At primary schools, youngsters arm themselves with an array of coloured sharpies to scrawl their names across their classmates’ shirts, but when it comes to secondary school, the enduring tradition is the leavers’ hoodie. In many ways, the leavers’ hoodie is an extension of the name-tagging tradition — albeit a more elegant, not to mention legal, way of asserting that we were there. It’s a tangible trace of our time and inclusion within a school community and forms part of a long-held desire to remember our participation.


  1. For the Memories


Our time at school is one of the most formative and important parts of our lives. It’s the place and time in which we learn not just about maths and science but also about the world and ourselves. It’s where lasting friendships are made and unforgettable memories are created. Of course, nothing can erase those memories, but there is something uniquely appealing about having a physical memento of our shared experience.


Emblazoned with your child’s school logo, colours and the names of their classmates, a leavers’ hoodie is both highly personal and uniting. Leaving school can be overwhelming and it’s natural for recent school leavers to miss the camaraderie of the classroom. A leavers’ hoodie encapsulates a sense of shared history and memory and instils a sense of identity, which makes those first few months away from school a little easier to manage. As school leavers become university students or employees, a leavers’ hoodie continues to provide a reminder of that period of their lives and the people they shared it with.


  1. For the Personal Connections


Take a look in your wardrobe and see how many items of clothing you have that are unique to you. We mean really unique — those things that only you own and were designed specifically for you? We’d guess not many, right? We live in a time where everything is mass-produced and where the personal touch is often lost in favour of the same famous brands and clothing lines. There’s wrong with that, but it does explain part of the enduring appeal of the leavers’ hoodie.


Leavers’ hoodies are designed for your child and often by them. They feature their name, the year they left school and the names of their friends and classmates. Your child’s time at school is a period of intense personal development, and the leavers’ hoodie pays homage to that. As the years go by, it will act as a constant reminder of who they once were and the people who shaped the person they became. Now that really is unique.


  1. For the Comfort and Practicality


Hoodies aren’t just something to frame and put on the wall — they’re designed to be worn. Comfy, homey and perfect for slouching around the house, a good leavers’ hoodie is not only a token to remember school but also a practical and wearable item of clothing. Years after leaving school when your child comes home from university or takes a break from work, the leavers’ hoodie is an easy and comfortable thing to wear.


Each time they wear it, they will be reminded of their time at school. Think of it as a wearable school reunion, always there in the wardrobe!


Leavers’ hoodies are a core part of the school experience, so don’t miss out. To get the perfect customised leavers’ hoodies, head over to a personalised clothing company and delight your child with an investment in memories, tradition and an item of clothing as unique as they are.


Author bio: Robert Joyce is the managing director of personalised clothing company Yazzoo, which delivers high-quality screen printing and embroidery services at economy prices.

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There are days when I completely forget what it was like being a teen in school and what it took to succeed.


I had cause to consider what I could do to help my teenager in his school work as I seen him struggle with homeworks and studying for upcoming tests.  Indeed there are days when he has so much to do I would love to give the school a piece of my mind!


Instead of doing that I got to thinking that maybe I could help him a little more by providing additional support and guidance.


Here are 5 things I’m doing right now to help my teenager succeed in school:


Ready to Learn

I read a report recently about some teenagers going to school with no breakfast.  I also know that my teenager was sleeping longer and going to school without breakfast.  It must be something all teenagers go through.  But I know that a nutritious breakfast can kick start the brain and body which means a better start to the day.


In my effort to help my teenager get ready for school I ensure he has a good breakfast which is rich in whole grains and protein and low in sugar.  There are days when my teenager just wants to run out the door so I drop some fruit in his bag and send him a text to let him know to eat it on the walk to school!


I’ve already mentioned above sleep – it’s important that teenagers get the right amount.  That’s why I always switch off the internet at 10pm so that he can have a decent night’s sleep!


Being Organised

I love to organise and I love everything being in its place.  I have started teaching my teenager and tween how to master the skill of organising.  They are both coming up to exams so to help them stay focused and to fit all the revision in I helped them devise a revision timetable.

This is a great way of helping them to get organised and increase their time management skills.



Help with Studying

Teens have a lot on their plates, they are often juggling homework, revision and maybe sports activities or hobbies.

I sometimes see my kids struggle with the sheer volume of work, it is then that I offer to help them.  There are different things I offer to do from helping them break down the task in to smaller chunks or helping them revise by asking questions.

If you think your teenager is finding the work difficult, ask to speak with a teacher to try and resolve the situation.  Looking for more tips on how to motivate your child to study? Head over to this article.



Talk about School


I find it very useful to talk about school as a way of staying connected with my teen.  To keep communication open talk to your teen every day about school, how their day went, what they enjoyed and whether they might need help later with homework.


It’s also important to listen to what your teenager is saying in response and be alert rather than multi-tasking!  Give your teen your undivided attention to show how much you are interested in their school life.


What way do you help your teenager with school work or school life?  I’d love to hear your views.



helping your teen with school


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When our boys went from primary to post-primary I was staggered at the sheer volume of homework.  Did anyone else notice this?


Teens have so much to cope with and added to this homework and it can end up a recipe for disaster!  So, I’m passing on some of the things I’m doing to help my boys:


A Place to do Homework

For us it’s the kitchen table.  They are free from distractions – like their consoles and phones and I’m there if they need help.  We keep the TV off so it’s a distraction-free zone!


My supporting role

I often ask what they are working on and if I can help.  Most of the times they don’t need help but it’s always good to ask – even if they just tell you what they have to do.  This part is a routine which I’ve got in to and it seems to work well.



With so many homeworks and different topics we discuss what they should do first and what they can leave for another day – depending on their calendar. This is a great way of instilling some organisational techniques which comes in handy for exam time!


When they don’t know and you don’t know either!

While it doesn’t happen every day, there are times when the homework has not been made clear by the teacher or my son hasn’t quite understood it correctly.  We often discuss this where I encourage him to go to school the next day and ask the teacher to explain.  It’s a great way of getting kids to ask questions and to ask for help without feeling inadequate.


Do your kids have homework issues?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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