Dating Safety Tips

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Many people are now using dating sites and some are experimenting and using the likes of fetish dating as an alternative.  This can be fun but I wanted to share with you some safety tips if you are going to experiment with different dating such as , fetish sites or straight forward dating sites.

Of course you want to meet a hot new romantic person but safety precautions are a most and must be the first thing on your mind – although at the start they are probably not on your mind! I’m not here to rain on your parade – far from it, I just want to share with you about taking care of yourself so you can continue to go dating and experimenting.



Below are some dating safety rules that you should follow :


1. Keep friends and family informed

Always let your family and friends know where you are going and who you are going with.  Tell them the times and places and what time to expect you home.  Always let them know if your plans change too.


2. Don’t accept a lift on a first date

Keep yourself safe by using your own transport to get to and from your date.  It’s also great to have your own transport nearby should things not go according to plan.

3. Choose a public place to meet

Don’t invite someone you don’t know around to your home!  Meet in a public place and one that you are familiar with like a restaurant or coffee shop.  This will ensure you know how to get home safely at the end of the date.


4. Don’t leave your drinks unattended

You’ve probably heard of GHB which is known as a date rape drug.  Unfortunately, it is odourless and colourless, so you wouldn’t know if you were drinking it.  Don’t leave your drink unattended.


5. Don’t give out your personal information

Guard your information and privacy, with online dating sites reply via the app rather than your personal email.  Don’t give your date your address on the first date.


6. Be careful of taking photographs

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take photos of your hot new guy or gal showing off what you get up to but remember that when someone has  a photo of you you don’t have control of what happens to it.  You really don’t want a compromising photo to show up on the internet.  

7. Avoid specifics

If you are experimenting with fetish dating or other forms of dating, don’t go give out too much specific detail about your life such as where you work or what your job is.  You want to be as vague as possible, think of it as a challenge to your skills rather than avoiding talking about specific things in your life.   I’m not being paranoid here you just need to be careful.

If this is your first time navigating online dating it can feel like a minefield and indeed if you are experimenting with different types of dating.  That is why you need to up your online safety game.



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