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When I was pregnant it seemed like a breeze.  I didn’t suffer morning sickness, no real swelling to talk about and the only craving I had was pure orange juice so that was good!


I thought my GP was great, that was until the birth. I knew very little about what my GP should have been doing.  However, I can tell you now that he wasn’t measuring my growing belly, he wasn’t checking my weight and on one occasion when the nurse said there was protein in my urine, he didn’t refer me to the hospital.


I did everything I was supposed to.  I went to classes to find out about the birth and what I needed to do to stay healthy.  My husband and I talked at length of wanting a natural birth with maybe a TENS machine.


My pregnancy seemed ideal in those early days but my labour was anything but.  I went to the hospital for my 32-week scan.  I can still recall as if it were yesterday. The doctor examined my bump and placed the ultra sound machine on my belly to listen to the heart beat.  I could tell right away something wasn’t right.


The only thing going through my mind was “Is my baby ok?”  Those were the only words that would come out.  All the doctor said was he was going to get the consultant.


Looking back, it could only have been 30 seconds he was away for, but to me it seemed like a lifetime.  The consultant came and did some checks, he said that they needed to deliver the baby right away.


It was like I was in a dream.  All I can recall is being whisked to the labour ward, several nurses round me, hooked up to a machine and worried faces on them all.  In between this time my husband arrived.  I remember being given an injection – what it was for I have no clue but I started to burn.  My husband took off my necklace and he dropped it because it was so hot.


They tried to induce me but no luck.  What still sticks in my mind is the look on my husband’s face and the medical staff.  Later my husband told me he could see the heart rate of my son on the monitor and it was dropping really low.


The doctors made the decision to deliver my son by C-Section without any further delay.  The actual operation went well, he was 4lb 4oz when he was born and immediately whisked away to the children’s hospital in an incubator while I remained in the local hospital.


I had been suffering from pre-eclampsia for weeks.  They couldn’t move me because they thought I was going to die, they thought my son was going to die too.


It traumatized me. It took me a long time to talk about it and a long time to put what happened to me down on paper.  I changed GPs immediately after my son was born and wrote to him expressing my concerns at my treatment.


Indeed, when in hospital I can remember the consultant coming to talk to me and saying that he couldn’t believe the state in which I was in.  I explained about the GP and how I had been treated.


I have no idea if this particular GP improved his practice and how he dealt with other pregnancies but I do wish there had been companies like Your Legal Friend to have helped me with submitting a medical negligence claim.  Not just for the situation I experienced but to make sure it never happened to anyone ever again.


There are nearly 2 million patient safety incidents reported in England in 2015/2016.  My question is this – why can’t they just do a good job and stop playing with people’s lives?  Because at the end of the day is really is a matter of life and death.  I am just so blessed that my son is now a wonderful teenager but the scars of that day will remain with me for life, all because a GP failed to do his job.



This post is in collaboration with My Legal Friend.

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