Romantic Date Ideas for Autumn

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I don’t know about you but I absolutely adore Autumn.  The colder days and darker nights are just what the doctor ordered when you want to have a romantic date!  There’s just something in the air that screams to me romantic with the leaves falling from the trees, the smell of pine in the air and hot chocolate and marshmallows!

I wanted to share with you some fantastic romantic date ideas which won’t break the bank.  It’s important to consider these things as Christmas is just around the corner and things can get so expensive so these romantic date ideas won’t break the bank.  So if you are new to the dating scene, looking for love or relationships on websites such as Jersey Dating, or if you are one of the Jersey Singles or just started in a relationship then these tips are for you!


So let’s get started on these romantic date ideas now…


  1. Make a bonfire (great idea in November!), snuggle up to your loved one and look up at the stars!
  2. Make a camp fire, toast marshmallows on it to but in to hot chocolate.
  3. Pick an older TV programme and re-watch it from the beginning. Something that is romantic and a bonus if it is in black and white!
  4. Buy yourself a kite fly it at the beach on a brisk, windier day.
  5. Celebrate Halloween in matching costumes! How about Bonnie and Clyde or Danny and Sandy from Grease!
  6. Go for a walk and kick through leaves,  you could roll in them together too!
  7. Make a blanket fort in the living room, then turn off the lights, grab one flash light and head inside the fort to tell ghost stories.  Will have you in each other’s arms in no time at all!
  8. Go on a bike ride, take the scenic route.
  9. Watch a scary movie marathon, snuggled on the sofa!
  10. Visit second hand shops. Buy an old CD each to share your music tastes.
  11. Go wine tasting at a local winery.
  12. Find out your local festivals and go enjoy them.
  13. Have a picnic. It may be cold but wrap appropriately!  Have some hot chocolate on the go too!
  14. Be kids again.  Play games in the park or go on the swings!
  15. Go on a ghost hunt. Find a real investigation group in your city or go on an existing tour (they’re almost everywhere!) If you’re super brave, you can investigate somewhere yourself — a cemetery, an old family property, your attic or basement. Scary!
  16. Bring a few blankets and drive to somewhere you’ll be able to see the stars. Spend the night talking and trying to identify as many constellations as you can.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Whatever you decide to do I hope it is full of fun, excitement and love.  Autumn is one the best seasons for spending time together whether that is indoors or outdoors so make the most of this time by wrapping up warm and exploring the outdoors and your local area.



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