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It can be a daunting task thinking about your wedding photos especially if this is your second time round.  However, I wanted to share with you some tips to chat to your photographer about.  These tips will make you seem like an expert!


wedding photgraphy

Tip 1:

Learn the basis of your wedding style.  Visit websites and see how other photographers are doing it.  See what appeals to you.  Of course you can put your own spin on it but why not learn from others when trying to find your own style?  Have a few ideas for your photographer of your style whether that is relaxed or formal.


Tip 2:

Plan, plan and plan some more!  Don’t just go on the day and expect your photographer to go with the flow of what is happening.  Weddings need to be planned and you need to be prepared.  Ask your photographer to go to the venue in advance, see where the best place to take photos is, who needs to be in the photos, what happens if it rains.  Planning will ensure you get all the important shots that you want from your day.


Tip 3:

Ask your client what they want.  What group shots do they want – this is important in case there are some guests who don’t talk to each other!  After all it’s their day so make sure you get what they want.


Tip 4:

Let your photographer know the schedule for the day.  They may need to go to different places for photos so make sure they know the plan so they know the route and how quickly they can get there.  They need to be in the right place at the right time.


wedding photography

Tip 5:

Consider your family compositions beforehand.  After talking to your photographer make sure they know exactly what you want and the groups you want them to consider as well as the compositions and how you want them to fit everyone in.  At the same time consider more relaxed compositions too.


Tip 6:

Remind your guests they will be directed for the photos.  Remind your photographer not to be afraid to tell your subjects where to stand and what to do!  Giving direction and being firm will make sure the photographing goes smoothly and gives them confidence you are happy for them to do this.


Tip 7:

Remind your guests about taking their own wedding photos.  They can also share them via an app.  This will allow you more options to select photos of your wonderful day.



wedding photography

Tip 8:

Buy disposable cameras too for your guests.  The more photos the better.  From professional, phones, disposable cameras, you will have a fantastic array of photos of your wonderful day that can be used in a variety of ways.


Tip 9:

Ask your photographer about backing up the photos.  You won’t want to lose any so make sure your photographer is well equipped to deal with your requests.


wedding photography


Above all have fun on the day if you plan well ahead regarding photos you will have a wonderful selection to choose from.  Embrace the day and smile and if you can relax too!



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