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There are days when I completely forget what it was like being a teen in school and what it took to succeed.


I had cause to consider what I could do to help my teenager in his school work as I seen him struggle with homeworks and studying for upcoming tests.  Indeed there are days when he has so much to do I would love to give the school a piece of my mind!


Instead of doing that I got to thinking that maybe I could help him a little more by providing additional support and guidance.


Here are 5 things I’m doing right now to help my teenager succeed in school:


Ready to Learn

I read a report recently about some teenagers going to school with no breakfast.  I also know that my teenager was sleeping longer and going to school without breakfast.  It must be something all teenagers go through.  But I know that a nutritious breakfast can kick start the brain and body which means a better start to the day.


In my effort to help my teenager get ready for school I ensure he has a good breakfast which is rich in whole grains and protein and low in sugar.  There are days when my teenager just wants to run out the door so I drop some fruit in his bag and send him a text to let him know to eat it on the walk to school!


I’ve already mentioned above sleep – it’s important that teenagers get the right amount.  That’s why I always switch off the internet at 10pm so that he can have a decent night’s sleep!


Being Organised

I love to organise and I love everything being in its place.  I have started teaching my teenager and tween how to master the skill of organising.  They are both coming up to exams so to help them stay focused and to fit all the revision in I helped them devise a revision timetable.

This is a great way of helping them to get organised and increase their time management skills.



Help with Studying

Teens have a lot on their plates, they are often juggling homework, revision and maybe sports activities or hobbies.

I sometimes see my kids struggle with the sheer volume of work, it is then that I offer to help them.  There are different things I offer to do from helping them break down the task in to smaller chunks or helping them revise by asking questions.

If you think your teenager is finding the work difficult, ask to speak with a teacher to try and resolve the situation.  Looking for more tips on how to motivate your child to study? Head over to this article.



Talk about School


I find it very useful to talk about school as a way of staying connected with my teen.  To keep communication open talk to your teen every day about school, how their day went, what they enjoyed and whether they might need help later with homework.


It’s also important to listen to what your teenager is saying in response and be alert rather than multi-tasking!  Give your teen your undivided attention to show how much you are interested in their school life.


What way do you help your teenager with school work or school life?  I’d love to hear your views.



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