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When our boys went from primary to post-primary I was staggered at the sheer volume of homework.  Did anyone else notice this?


Teens have so much to cope with and added to this homework and it can end up a recipe for disaster!  So, I’m passing on some of the things I’m doing to help my boys:


A Place to do Homework

For us it’s the kitchen table.  They are free from distractions – like their consoles and phones and I’m there if they need help.  We keep the TV off so it’s a distraction-free zone!


My supporting role

I often ask what they are working on and if I can help.  Most of the times they don’t need help but it’s always good to ask – even if they just tell you what they have to do.  This part is a routine which I’ve got in to and it seems to work well.



With so many homeworks and different topics we discuss what they should do first and what they can leave for another day – depending on their calendar. This is a great way of instilling some organisational techniques which comes in handy for exam time!


When they don’t know and you don’t know either!

While it doesn’t happen every day, there are times when the homework has not been made clear by the teacher or my son hasn’t quite understood it correctly.  We often discuss this where I encourage him to go to school the next day and ask the teacher to explain.  It’s a great way of getting kids to ask questions and to ask for help without feeling inadequate.


Do your kids have homework issues?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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