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No matter what the reason for deciding you need to start making more money, below I have listed 30 clever ways to start making money this weekend.  These are things to get you started or not down a to-do list to help you start making money this weekend.

  1. Babysit: You can offer your skills to babysit for family, friends or check out local online ads to see if there are any local jobs in your area where you can babysit to let parents head out for a meal.


  1. Declutter and make money: Clear out your wardrobe and start listing your items on the likes of EBay.  I wouldn’t just stick to your wardrobe.  Why not clear out your basement, garage, attic.  It might feel like a big job so tackle one area at a time.


  1. Sign up to Prolific Academic: One of the most interesting and best paying survey sites.  Don’t take my word for it, why not register here for one of the best survey sites that pays cash and have a go?  Just remember you will need to check the site on a regular basis as they don’t email when new surveys are waiting.


clever ways to start making money this weekend


  1. Ask for Overtime: why not ask your employer for some overtime or extra shifts.  This could be your first port of call to earn some extra cash.


  1. Sell your skills: are you good at social media?  Do you like to garden?  Why not offer your skills over the summer and get paid for it?  Promote yourself on local advertising sites.


  1. Tutor students: if you are good at a subject why not start tutoring.  Work out your hourly rate and start advertising.


  1. Good organisational skills: if you have these skills why not offer to declutter someone else’s home?  Many people find it hard to declutter or don’t have the time.  Start with family and friends and then move forward from there.


clever ways to start making money this weekend

  1. Pet sit: offer to pet sit for a neighbour.  It’s a great gig especially if you like animals.  You can charge different rates based on what you can do such as look after the pet in their own home and water plants at the same time!


  1. House sitting: people often love people to look after their home if they are away on holiday.  Offer to look after their home.  You can ensure the house plants are well cared for and maintain the garden.


  1. Get Crafty: You can increase your bank balance by selling handmade items.  If you are good at arts and crafts, then get your creative juices going and make items you can sell.  To get some inspiration have a look at Etsy and set up an accountwith them today to start selling your lovely handmade goods.


  1. Start a Blog: a great way to make money is to start a blog. There are may companies out there that offer what is referred to as blogger outreach.  You can sign up and they will match your blog to many opportunities.  For example Get Blogged has a great service where they offer blogger outreach strategy to companies and bloggers to match up those looking to work with bloggers and bloggers hoping to work with companies.


clever ways to start making money this weekend

  1. Sell your photographs: there are many stock photo websites that buy your photos.  Try somewhere like Shutterstock which offers free registration and commission rates start at 25%.  Alternatively you could sell your photos directly to bloggers if you open an Etsy shop!


  1. Busking: are you good at singing?  Why not give busking a try to see how much you could make.  Just check that you don’t need to sign up for any permits first!


  1. Rent out a room: if you have a spare room offer to rent it out, either to a student or register with AirBnB as another option.


  1. Bike it: there are plenty of opportunities for delivering fast food.  Check out the likes of Deliveroo or your local fast food takeaway to see what opportunities they have.


clever ways to start making money this weekend

  1. Cashback: earn money from stuff you already buy online.  While there are many sites out there, there are two which I have used for years and highly recommend.  These are TopCashBack and


  1. Teach: got a skill or talent?  Why not offer classes to others.  You could do this from your local community centre.  Can be anything from art to computer skills.  The list is endless.


  1. Cooking: do you love to cook?  Offer to make pre-planned meals for people.  Remember though to check out the legal requirements for this.


  1. Model: art schools often use models as do photographers.  Check out local listings to see if there are any opportunities in your local area.


clever ways to start making money this weekend

  1. Make money watching TV: RewardTV has been around for approximately 10 years.  You sign up and answer questions about your viewing habits and other likes and dislikes in relation to TV programmes.  It’s a very easy to register and start earning.


  1. Try Mystery Shopping: You can make money by carrying out mystery shopping. The best place to start is with StreetSpotr, you can download the app from here and start earning cash for completing mystery shops.

  1. Join Clickworker: As well as completing surveys another way of making some extra cash when you have a few minutes is completing tasks through ClickWorker.  The tasks are varied and depending on what time you have, you can make money on a regular basis.

  1. Earn vouchers: You can also earn vouchers as well with SwagBucks.  Swagbucks is a paid to click website which offers numerous tasks for you to do, some of these are surveys, daily polls and searching online.


Are there any other clever ways to make money this weekend you would like to share?  I’d love to hear about them below.


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