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Being someone who married some time ago, there wasn’t as much pressure on us as there is for anyone getting married today.  Weddings can be an expensive business these days. Of course this isn’t news to you.  If you are getting ready to tie the knot or you know someone who is, below I’ve listed some awesome tips and tricks on money saving hacks for planning the big day.  These money saving hacks are a great way to help you prepare for a wonderful wedding without compromising on the luxury.


Before I get down to the nitty gritty of the money saving hacks, remember a wedding is about what matters to you and is a declaration of your love.  Everything else is often window dressing.  That being said I know you want to make your day special so read on and let me know what you think.



Set a Budget


Things can sometimes get out of hand, so based on your savings or what you can realistically save, set a budget and stick to it.  Remember you can also ask family and friends for money as a wedding gift that can go towards your budget too.  Also consider where you keep your wedding savings – make sure it is in the best interest savings account you can find.






Consider doing your own decor


While researching this post I came across an online web company called Confetti.  They offer a stunning array of wedding decor all at fantastic prices.



Be flexible with your dates


Be prepared to be flexible with your date.  Of course a mid-summer weekend will be more expensive than a Thursday or Friday.  Making this small change can save you a fortune and get your guests a day off work too.  So a win-win for everyone!  You can also save money by searching wedding venues online, if you click here, you will find a variety of places to get you started.


Set a maximum number for your guests


If you really want to cut down on the costs of your wedding, considering narrowing down your guest list to the people you would really like to be at your big day and not those who you feel obliged to invite.  Remember it is your wedding day.  If you don’t want to upset anyone, break down your list to those you can invite to the wedding and those you can invite to an evening party.  If you explain what you are doing people will understand.



Ask friends for help


When it comes to family and friends, ask them to help you with your wedding.  Do you know someone who can make you a cake instead of buying one?  What about a friend who is arty?  Can they make you the invites?  Make your own wedding favours.


Your wedding day doesn’t have to have a huge price tag.  By utilising these simple steps you will be able to make your day magical without having a huge bill.  You will be happy and your guests will be happy too!


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