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If you want to make sure you have memories to treasure then knowing how photographers work will ensure that your wedding photos are to be treasured!  It can be a daunting task organising wedding photos as it’s not something that you can do all over again the next day.  So here are 10 tips on wedding photography to help you choose a photographer.


wedding photgraphy

TIP 1:

Visit websites and see what wedding location will work best for the type of photographs you want.  Bijou Weddings is the ideal place to start looking.  Remember you know what type of photos you want and how you want them styled so choosing the right location is key.


TIP 2:

Plan, plan and plan some more!  Don’t just go on the day and expect our photographer to go with the flow.  You need to consider the group shots you want, the individual ones you want and what happens if it rains.  Having an idea of what you want and talking this through with your photographer is important.


TIP 3:

Ask your photographer about their ideas too.  What group shots do they want – this is important in case there are some guests who don’t talk to each other!  After all it’s your day so make sure you get what you want.


TIP 4:

Know the schedule for your day and give this to the photographer.  They may need to go to different places for photos so make sure they know the routes and your expected plan.  They need to be in the right place at the right time.


wedding photography

TIP 5:

Consider your family compositions beforehand.  After talking to your photographer also chat about composition.  DO you want formal, informal, seated, standing.  Or maybe you want a more relaxed composition instead or as well so you can choose when the time comes.


TIP 6:

Be expected to be directed by your photographer.  You are paying them to do a professional job so make sure you and your guests know they will be directed and they must behave and do it!  All too often guests can wander off so be prepared to shout if you need to!


TIP 7:

Ask your photographer to shoot as many as possible and not limit the shots they take.  This will allow you to have the best options available for when it is time to select your photographs.


wedding photography

TIP 8:

Remember to smile as much as possible and be aware your photographer is about and may snap more casual photos.  I would also recommend you get recommendations from family, friends and ask the photographer to show you some of they have done before.  Professional photographers won’t mind this one little bit.


wedding photography


Above all have fun on the day, embrace the day and appreciate what is going on during the day.  I have to admit to being annoyed at not hiring a professional photographer for our wedding.  My uncle said he would do it and I was so disappointed with the photos.  A lot of them were blurred and he took photos which showed yellow lines on the ground – not professional at all.  I just wish I had these tips when I was getting married!

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