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Summer is finally here.  I honestly can’t believe this weather.  We don’t often get treated to such a prolonged spell of sunshine in the 20s.  It means that the garden for us as a family is even more important than ever.  Summer is a time of happiness, a time for families – and especially teenagers – to crank open the doors and spend some quality time in the garden.  From lazing on a lounger, playing ball or even having a paddle in a pool to keep cool.  Of course, another great way you can use your garden is to host parties, BBQ’s or birthdays.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but there are a few things you could do to make the most of it.


garden ideas


Write a shopping list

Shopping lists aren’t just for the old, boring and super-organised. They are a great way of keeping down cost because you can head to the store and buy everything you have on the list. If you don’t have a clue what you’re supposed to be getting and just look for inspiration down every aisle, it is almost guaranteed you won’t need 50% of the things you end up buying. Garden parties often attract hungry guests and buffet type finger foods are perfect for people to just help themselves. If you don’t have time to create a jaw-dropping spread, why not go for something everyone loves? Think hotdogs with bowls full of different toppings and a basket for the buns – guests can build their own according to preference and you can keep the cost down without seeming cheap.


Get DIY Savvy

A bit of garden DIY never hurt anyone, and you would be surprised at how well you can decorate and furnish your garden without forking out a lot of money on fancy furniture. The basics required are a table and chairs when entertaining guests but this doesn’t mean you need to buy any. If you really are a dab hand at DIY then you can fashion your own out of old pieces of wood (upcycling is all the rage now) but if, like most, you wouldn’t have the first clue how to use a saw, then there are plenty of old things that will suffice as seating! Think huge old tyres with cushions, old wooden crates or even hay bales! Oh and need somewhere to chill the beers? Fill an old barrel or wheelbarrow with ice. There are a huge amount of possibilities that will not only save you money but will also look great.


Consider opening up your space

Have you thought about opening up the space between your indoors and outdoors?  It can bring such a magic element to your home and it allows you interact with your guests who would be outdoors while you are preparing food indoors.  These types of aluminium windows and aluminium doors is also ideal if you have small children as you can see clearly what they are up to!


Consider using garden lighting

Garden lighting is a must not just when the sun goes down but to set the right asmosphere for you and your guests.  Lighting creates mood and is just fabulous.  There are so many different options to choose from so get creative.




This post is in collaboration with Three Counties Limited


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